Thursday, August 29, 2013

Harlan's First Football Pics

The week before I went back to work I got a phone call from the Coach:

Coach: What are you and HL doing?
Me: Not a lot at the moment, why?
Coach: I need you to bring him to the field house and get in a picture with me.

So off we went. It was picture day for the Farmington Cardinal football team and it was only appropriate that Harlan be in his first football picture ever.

If you couldn't tell, Coach is slightly obsessed with his future lineman :) The Pettigrews are super excited football season has finally arrived.


Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Two Months

Our Little Monkey is already 2 Months (a little more now)! He is getting so much bigger and starting to get a personality. This month he started smiling, he loves to look at himself in the mirror, he can basically stand up on his own as long as we balance him and he is making more cooing sounds (which are just to die for!) And one of the biggest milestones is sleeping in his crib in the nursery!


  • Playing on his Play Mat 
  • Looking in mirrors
  • Rocking
  • Starting to enjoy the bath more
  • Lights and ceiling fans
  • Having his clothes changed
  • Not having your full attention

Monday, August 12, 2013

1 Month

>>> I'm a little behind- Sorry! <<<<

Harlan turned one month old on July 19th! So hard to believe. We love him more and more each day.


  • Eating! He has never had a problem in this department. He would eat all day if you let him.
  • Napping, especially on mommy or daddy's chest....actually, he won't sleep any other way
  • Lifting his head up to look around
  • His hands - he sucks on them and sleeps with them up by his face
  • car seat, and therefore any car rides
  • baths
  • diaper changing
  • being left alone
  • the swing