Friday, October 26, 2012

April Babies are the BEST!

If I do say so myself, April birthdays are the best. It is the beginning of Spring when everything really comes to life, its never too hot or too cold and the most important, April birthstone is a diamond!

I am so excited to announce I have two "family" members expecting in April 2013!

The first are my dear friends the Hencys. I call them family because I have known both of them since we were all in third grade. I was in their wedding and Kelsey was in mine. We grew up together and Kelsey and I are Tri Delta sisters. Within 2 weeks of finding out they were pregnant, they also found out Mat's company is relocating them to London, England (yes across the pond) for a year to year and a half. They will be moving after Thanksgiving sometime. I am so sad Kels won't be in the US during her pregnancy but so excited for them for this opportunity. What an adventure! Kelsey will be blogging about both of her life adventures here.

The next couple truly are family - my cousin Jerry and his wife Amy. This will be #3 (or LB3 meaning Little Bit #3) for them and we have all been waiting for a while :) I found out in a fun way. At the Kentucky game tailgate, Amy pulled me aside and said "can I talk to you for a minute?" She then said "So, I'm pregnant and we are about to tell the grandparents. Will you take pictures for us?" I was in utter shock and so excited but I couldn't say anything because Aunt Jules was being nosy and kept asking what Amy told me. They told the kids for the first time then (because they aren't great at keeping secrets at this age) and then they gave the grandparents gifts which were the sonogram pictures. I was the official photographer and you can see some of the pics on Amy's blog here.

And the very best thing about this pregnancy in my humble opinion - LB3 is due on April 25. What a great day to be born :) Anniston was a few days early and Treyson was one day late so #3 should be right on time. Anniston even told me at the tailgate that day that she would bring a birthday cake to the hospital for me and the baby to share.

I can't wait until next April. It is going to be such a fun time!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Dad and Daughter Article

After the article about Spencer and Dad, that same reporter, Mark, was inspired to do an entire series on our family  he is calling "Blended Heritage." Below is the full-page article he wrote about me and dad which included 6 or 7 pictures. 

Football Dreams


Wednesday, October 24, 2012
 — In the midst of difficult circumstances, Mike Adams managed to keep his daughter’s football dreams alive.

Meredith Adams-Pettigrew, now 27, daughter of Farmington head football coach, Mike Adams, has not let those things define who she is.
Homecoming Day Tragedy
Pettigrew has known the sting of a child’s disappointment and the perplexity of trying to comprehend the death of her birth mother, Diane Adams.
Pettigrew was riding in a car with her mother when they were involved in an accident that killed Diane on Oct. 13, 1989. They had been on their way to get Pettigrew dolled up as part of the Homecoming court where her dad coached at Charleston.
What she does have is memories of family and those associated with her father’s connection to football helping shape the woman she has become. According to Mike Adams, a seat belt saved his daughter but also was the cause of her broken arm.
“After the accident and when my arm was in a sling, I remember one of my dad’s football players bringing me a gigantic gray teddy bear that was bigger than I was,” Pettigrew said. “I loved it but eventually my dad had to give it away because we found out I was allergic to it.”
Family Football Structure
Mike Adams found football was something he could fall back on. The structure he had learned to operate in as a coach now helped him as a single parent with Meredith and her younger brother, Spencer, who was 18-months-old at the time of the accident.
“It came to being really well-organized,” Mike Adams said, noting Charleston had just one little grocery store at the time and big grocery shopping trips required traveling to Fort Smith.
“I had to keep a list, know what was available, know what wasn’t available and watch the newspaper for sales,” Mike Adams said.
Having lived alone with his dad, who was an electrician and on call at all hours, for a short while during his eighth grade year, Mike Adams learned to cook to feed himself and that ability came in handy when feeding Meredith and Spencer.
“I had been cooking for a long time so that part wasn’t a big deal,” Mike Adams said. “It’s reality, you’re there. You’ve got two kids depending on you. It’s not something you can hand off to somebody else. You just do it.”
Fascinated With Football
Though her moment as crown bearer at Charleston didn’t happen in 1989 because of the tragic accident that took her birth mother, Pettigrew eventually got to compete in the sport she grew up with. Pettigrew started going to practice with her dad when she was in kindergarten.
“A lot of times, she’d just walk up to the school and stay with me,” Mike Adams said.
In 1992, Adams married Robin Brewer, who had also been widowed and raised a son, Jon David, in a singleparent household. As the two families merged, the three children became best friends and involved in football.
Mike Adams helped his daughter learn football by letting her watch film with him at home.
“I always enjoyed watching it and watching him analyze plays,” Pettigrew said.
Girl Getting To Play Football
Pettigrew stands nearly 5-foot-11 and used height to her advantage in powder puff and intramural girls college football.
“My height absolutely helped in playing linebacker, not only being able to read the quarterback’s eyes, but also for interceptions,” Pettigrew said. “I could jump higher to get the ball.”
While Pettigrew admits she is not the fastest person in the world, although she ran track for her dad in high school, but could sniff out a play better than any other girl.
“When I played, he taught me to read the quarterback’s eyes,” Pettigrew said. “It was more fundamental because girls tend to look to where they want to throw prior to the play.”
Pettigrew enjoyed blitzing and could read a play so well that she would anticipate the snap count and try to get a jump. The intensity she played with led to a conflict with her dad, who was refereeing the powder puff game during her junior year at Fayetteville.
“I beat it every time but my dad didn’t think so and threw several flags on me for off sides,” Pettigrew said. “I started arguing with him and he threatened to eject me. That was my junior year and he refused to be a ref my senior year for that reason. He just taught me too well.” 
Excitement Of A Wedding
Pettigrew and her mother, Robin, shared the excitement of planning her 2011 wedding to Ryan Pettigrew. Together they went through the process.
“If it wasn’t for my dad getting remarried I wouldn’t have had that opportunity and she has been my mom since I was 7,” Pettigrew said. “Dad doesn’t know anything about weddings, come on he was coaching, he wouldn’t like help me. It was very, very special. It was instrumental in all of my wedding plans and she was there with me step by step so I couldn’t have done it without her.”
Dad Is A Hero
Pettigrew said her dad has always been her hero.
“I have always said that I wanted to marry somebody like my Dad. Growing up, I knew that he always put our family first,” Pettigrew said. “My Dad set a very high bar for any guy I dated. I wanted to marry somebody that was kind, generous, a leader and a true family man.”
Pettigrew said her husband, Ryan, has fit those characteristics to a ‘T’ and she is so lucky to have found him.
“It is really funny how similar my dad and my husband are,” Pettigrew said. “For our future children, I want them to know about all the family they come from. They are lucky because they will have more family members than most. A blended family is a blessing and God knew exactly how to fit our families together.”
Sports, Pages 13 on 10/24/2012

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

First Halloween Party of the Season

Ryan and I attended the Farmington coaches' crowd Halloween Party. We love hanging out with these people because we are with them every Friday night during football season. We go to the game and then go to somebody's house after for a party. They are all super fun.

Paige and Beau Thompson throw the Halloween Party every year. This year, Ryan and I went as Coach Adams and a Ref. We thought it would be funny obviously because of the party attendees. The costumes were both very simply - I got Spencer's coaching shirt and visor that Dad wears and we used a xBox headset to imitate a real headset. Then we tied Dad's plays to a belt like he wears for games.

Ryan's costume was even easier. I just called up my Uncle Jerry, who has been a high school ref for more than 20 years, and  he got us all the official gear Ryan needed.

My Ref Loves this Coach

Bobby and Jessica

Coach, Gomez Adams and Bobby

Coach Adams and the Real Coach Adams - Love my Daddy

Jana, Lyndsey and me

 And here is a picture of the desert I took - Witch's fingers (pretzel rods dipped in white chocolate with almond slices). Another Pinterest find. 

We have another Halloween party this weekend. I have not even begun to think what I will wear for that one (the cleverness of my costume for this party would not be appreciated with our friends). I'm afraid it will be something I can throw together with what I have at my house. Surely, after all the functions I went to in college, I can come up with something. Right?

Monday, October 22, 2012

Painting with a Twist

This past Sunday I did a little painting at Painting with a Twist.  My mom and a bunch of her work friends decided to do a private party and they had some extra space so she invited me and I invited Collin.

Painting with a Twist is an art class for amateurs plus they serve alcohol, hence the Twist part. The instructor draws the outline on your canvas and goes through a step-by-step process of how to paint the picture. The whole class does the same painting. It is nothing real serious so you can chat with your friends and drink while you do it. It was actually pretty relaxing.

It turned out to be a lot of fun and I have to say I am pretty proud of my first attempt of painting. Next, Collin and I are going to try to convince our boys to go to the Couples Night. I'm not counting on getting them there anytime soon though :)

Painting halfway done.

Finished master piece

Me and one of my besties

Me and my momma

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Proud Big Sister!

I am a proud big sister today. We found out that JD was given the 2012 CSACSM (Central States of American College of Sports Medicine) Masters Research Award! Only a few of these are given out across the central US states. Yep, he is awesome.

He is on his way to present one of his projects to the CSACSM regional conference today. He will also be presenting at the national convention! His project this year was "Effects of obesity on thermoregulation when controlling metabolic heat production during exercise in the heat." Below is a picture of part of his research he put together.

JD - I am so, so proud of you and so happy you found something you love to do. You will go far in the field of sports and exercise science. I love you forever! 

Saturday, October 13, 2012


Remembering this woman today. She touched so many lives and was taken from this earth 23 years ago on Friday, Oct. 13, 1989. I know she is watching over me and Spencer, today and forever. We love you!