Sunday, June 30, 2013

Harlan's Birth Story

June 19th our little man entered the world. Here is his story.

That day was a Wednesday and I woke up feeling the same as always. We had a scheduled weekly OB appt at 11 a.m. Before the appt. I was trying to finish up a document for a meeting I had at 1 p.m. that day at work. I told my boss I was going to the doctor and would send her the final once I returned. I left all my stuff at my desk and was off.

My dad and brother were in Conway at a coaching clinic all that week and Dad texted me about 10 minutes before my appt asking how I was feeling. I told him "about the same" and that I would call him after the visit to give him an update.

Ryan met me at the doctor's office and we headed in. Dr. Collins checked me as she usually did and told us I was 2-3 cm dilated and 90% effaced. She asked if I had been having contractions and I said no. She then said "Go ahead and make your appt for next week but I really don't think you will last that long." That got us excited and a bit nervous because we were still 2.5 weeks from our due date. So she left and I got dressed. Ryan and I took literally one step out of our patient room and I had a funny "wet" feeling. I thought I had really peed my self (that was not unusual at that time) so I told Ryan to wait a second while I went to the bathroom. It seemed like a lot more than usual. I cleaned up and opened the bathroom door and saw Dr. Collins again and I told her what just happened. She told us to go back into the patient room so she could check to make sure it wasn't my water breaking. Well, she took a little swab and next thing we know she says "Ha! Yep, sure enough, your water just broke. Head on upstairs and I will tell them you are coming. Looks like you will be having a baby today!"

She left the room, I looked at Ryan who had a gigantic smile on his face and I just burst into tears. I didn't know if I was excited, nervous or just plain terrified. I knew I was physically ready but I wasn't ready. My bags were packed but they were at home and she told me I couldn't leave the hospital because of risk of infection since my water broke. I didn't feel organized just yet.

So next thing we know we head upstairs and go to triage in the maternity ward. While she is taking all my info, I told Ryan to call my Dad immediately because he was 2 hours away. The nurse there was overwhelmed because we were the 5th couple to come in that day already in labor. She got me signed in and took me directly back to a room. At this point I am shaking in disbelief. I get changed into my lovely hospital gown and the nurses start going to town getting me hooked up. During which, I am trying to call my teammates at work to finish my assignments that I obviously won't be back for. At that point it is only 11:45 a.m. and  Ryan raced home to get everything and I am trying to text him a list of last minute things he needed to grab that weren't packed yet. This was all happening so fast!

Dr. Collins ordered Pitocin for me since I wasn't having contractions yet. About an hour after my water broke, I started feeling them even without the medicine but they weren't strong enough. Once the Pitocin started, I was really feeling them. My plan was try to go as long as possible without the epidural so my labor would progress naturally. That was a little derailed since I had to have Pitocin and couldn't leave a 3 foot radius of my bed.

By about 2 p.m.our parents and siblings are in the room with us and I am having intense contraction pains but nothing that was unbearable. At 2:30 p.m. the nurse came in and told me the anesthesiologist would be leaving at 3:30 and that with the floor being so busy they couldn't guarantee me that I would get the epidural right when I wanted it after that. So we decided I would be the last epidural the doc would give before he left. So right at 3:30 he came in and I was starting to get numb by 3:45.

Around 4 p.m. everybody had stepped out of my room but all of a sudden 3 nurses rush into the room and tell me the baby's heart rate dropped dramatically and it wasn't coming back up. They laid me all the way on my back, put oxygen on me and started flipping me back and forth. Finally after about 5 minutes the heart rate got stable and  they said it was probably due to the epidural. That was the scariest moment of the whole delivery by far!

After that baby was stable Dr. Collins checked me and said I was 4 cm and that I still had a little bag of water. She broke that and that made me automatically dilate to 6 cm.

By now, almost my entire family was in the waiting room and were coming back in shifts to visit me. I'm not kidding when I say there was probably 20-25 people there. The nurses were even commenting on how big our party was. I loved that everybody was there for us and were so excited to welcome this baby.

At 7:30 my nurse checked me again and I was fully dilated! Again, I was in total shock how fast that went. I was convinced I was going to deliver in the early morning hours. Aren't first labors suppose to be the longest? Not for us!

By 7:45 we were pushing. They had me play tug of war holding a towel with my nurse and at 8:17 p.m. our baby was born! Again, I thought I would push for hours! Dr. Collins placed him on my chest and all I kept saying was "It's a Boy! It's a Boy!" Ryan and I were both absolutely shocked. I was so wrong about the girl thing.

Ryan and I got to spend the first hour with him and we all bonded. It was truly magical. Harlan Levon (pronounced Lee-von) Pettigrew was 8 lbs 5 oz and 20.5 inches long. The nurses kept saying "Think of how much he would have weighed if he was born on his due date!"

That day was a whirlwind and I will never forget a second of it. I had the absolute best experience and I would not change a thing about it. We are so in love with our Harlan and can't wait to watch him grow up!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Maternity Pics

We had maternity pictures taken at 32 weeks (the last available time) by Bryan Streigler, Here are some of our favorites.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Appointment Update

We had our appointment today and got some interesting news.

First, I do not carry the Strep-B virus so they won't have to put me on antibiotics during labor. Yay!

Second, I am 1-2 cm dilated  (have to get to 10) and 70% effaced (have to get to 100%)! Wow! Doc said the head is fully engaged in my pelvis and she doesn't think I will last til 40 weeks. Holy Smokes!

Any day now, any day!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

37 Weeks = FULL TERM!!!!!

I can't believe we made it to full term! I am so proud of little P-Nut for hanging in there and getting as far along as possible.

Now, having said that, P-Nut: it is A-ok by momma if you want to come out anytime now!

I swear, within the last week and a half I went from "this pregnancy thing is a breeze" to "most uncomfortable I have ever been in my life!" That is exactly what they say, as soon as baby gets in the "go" position, your whole body changes. I feel pressure constantly, I am having Braxton Hicks contractions all day and I can't get comfortable when I lay down. says baby is the size of a watermelon now. And that's exactly what it feels like. We go to the doctor tomorrow to see if I have dilated anymore. Last week I was at 1 cm. No real contractions so far.

Ryan and I both feel like we are officially ready for baby to be here. Yesterday Ryan installed a carbon monoxide detector in the nursery and this past weekend we went shopping and got all the things we still needed. Tonight Ryan will be creating our wills.

I got a glimpse of what life would be like if we have a girl. Our good friends Tim and Carma had their son last week. Their son was 6 weeks early (she was due about 10 days after me) but is doing fine. They named him Jennings and we are excited that he and P-Nut will grow up together. Once we heard everything was ok, Ryan said: "If we have a girl, that Jennings better not touch her!" Ha! I just laughed. I always knew Daddy would be protective.

I feel like I am finally starting to nest now. And since I don't have a real baby yet, I have started nesting with my furbabies. Both are scheduled for a full grooming and deshedding appointment as well as updating their shots. Doggies gots to be ready for baby too.

Our bags are packed and the car seat bases are installed! P-Nut we can't wait to meet you!!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

36 Weeks

We are in the final month and the UNcomfortableness has set in!

At our appointment two weeks ago, Doc said she felt like P-Nut had moved head down! Yay! She said I would know when the baby turned and thinking back on it, I think I do. I was sitting at my desk at work (the day before the appointment) and P-Nut was making a lot of rolls and moves then all of a sudden, I had a tremendous amount of pressure down south. That was something I hadn't felt before but didn't think much of it. That must have been when P-Nut settled in.

Each day after that, I have a lot of trouble sleeping with some pretty intense tailbone and lower back pain. Which they say happens once the baby starts to prepare for delivery. The majority of the time when I am at home, I am on my "birthing ball" because that relieves so much pressure and feels so much better. My officemate told me the other day that she thought my belly looked lower.

Today I had my 36-week check up and it was an interesting appt. We were sitting in our room and it was taking the Doc a lot longer than usual to come in. As soon as Ryan said something about it he got a text message from our good friend Tim and his wife Carma went into labor. She was due a week after us and we have the same doctor!! That explains why the doctor was delayed, she was delivering Jennings! What a funny coincidence that was. We always joked about us being in the hosptial at the same time - looks like it was true, just for different reasons.

Once the Doc came back she checked me and I am dilated 1 cm!! She said she could even feel the head. It has begun!! I looked over at Ryan and he had the biggest smile on his face. We are both so excited. But also know, I can stay at 1 for weeks.

I had a dream last night that while we were at our appointment the doctor looked at me and said "This baby will be born on June 13." I thought that was pretty specific so we will see what happens :)

The nursery is done, the hospital bags are packed and the car seat is being installed this week. We finalized both name choices (which changed from the first time I wrote that) and I am starting to train my replacement at work and wrapping some things up. At this point, I am fine to receive P-Nut whenever he/she is ready.

At 37 weeks, baby is considered full term. I am so blessed and grateful P-Nut has made it this far!

And by the way, Ryan and I still think this little one is a girl. What are your thoughts?