Monday, February 24, 2014

8 Months

8 Months old! Here we go....

Harlan weighs 18 lbs and 10 ounces now and is such a happy little boy. His personality is really starting to develop and we love that! He truly is a very, very easy baby. We got so lucky!

8 Months was full of firsts and a super busy (and exhausting) month for HL.

First time to really crawl (and hasn't stopped since!)

First time to eat in his high chair

Got his first cold

First time in the ducky bath

First time to pull up

First Valentine's Day


First tooth

We love playing with out toys and annoying the doggies, and one day we even got to play outside in the sunshine.

We continue to try new veggies and he likes most of them, except green peas. Which is funny because Ryan LOVES green peas and they are about the one thing that I won't touch!  Right now since he is teething, he isn't wanting to eat a lot of solid food but he still continues to breastfeed like a champ.

We have pretty much outgrown our 6 month clothes and are in 9 month now and still wearing size 3 diapers.

This month Harlan has discovered he can move all over the place. He is a fast little crawler and likes to follow us around from room to room. He thinks its a game. For the moment we have permanently set up the pack-n-play in our living room for the times we both have to do something and need to contain him. He doesn't seem to mind as long as he is not in there for too long. He also has a lot of strength and is pulling up. Daddy had to lower the crib this month.

Harlan has developed so much this month and we know it will only get more and more exciting. We are excited to see what next month will bring!