Sunday, August 23, 2015

My First Stitch Fix Experience

After hearing more than one positive review about Stitch Fix I decided to give it a try. While researching it, I found it helpful to read other's blog posts about each of their Fixes in order to gauge how effective the service really was so I thought I would share my thoughts as well. Hope it helps!

I must admit I was anxious all week to receive my package so when it finally arrived it was almost like Christmas. The suspense is a great selling tool for them because you never know what you will get! Below are my reviews for each piece I received. 

Here is my very first Stitch Fix - received in August.  When opening the box, I had no expectations whatsoever because this was my first Fix and my stylist was "still getting to know me."  I was prepared to not like anything and send everything back, but... I was pleasantly surprised.

Item 1 - Rolfe Geo Print Top - $54
I knew when I pulled this item out of the box I would not like it. I liked the dark turquoise color but did not like it paired with peach in this geometric design. But just like I was told, try everything on in case you are surprised. Well I was not. The top was my size (medium) but was waaaay too big. Just blah on, not flattering.
Verdict: Returned

Item 2: Astair Scoop Neck Blouse - $48
In my note to my stylist I requested a red piece for football season and this is what she sent and suggested I pair it with white jeans. The picture looks more red than it is. In real life it almost looks pink because of the white design. This top was also in my size but very boxy and no structure to it. The arm holes were tight and it was tight across my back. It was just ok on. I wasn't in love with it, therefore...
Verdict: Returned

Item 3: Alzora Zig Zag Infinity Scarf - $34
I love me some chunky infinity scarves and this one did not disappoint. In fact, my stylist said "I noticed you have a lot of scarves on your Pinterest board so I wanted to include one in your fix."  It was love at first sight. The colors are maroon, navy and cream which are beautiful together. It is really think and is going to be so cozy come winter.
Verdict: KEPT!

Item 4: Colibri Solid Tab Sleeve Blouse - $48
This top is a beautiful emerald/hunter green and EXACTLY something I would like. In fact, I have some similar items but nothing in this color. It has extra length which looks great with skinny jeans. I knew I would love it before I tried it on and I did.
Verdict: KEPT!

Item 5: Collenn Straight Leg Jeans - $78
I was very skeptical when I pulled a pair of pants out of my box. I thought Catherine had some guts sending pants in my first box. I noted in my style profile "I'm very tall and require extra length for pants". Like a good fixer I tried them on anyway and was shocked to find they fit PERFECTLY in waist and length. They are very stretchy so they will be a "wear once and wash immediately" pair but I love them. So comfortable and a great dark wash color. Its always great to add another pair of pants to my wardrobe. They are hard to come by for this tall girl. 
Verdict: KEPT! 
Overall, my first Stitch Fix was a success. I had a lot of fun with it. I kept three items and spent $140 which I thought was pretty good since it included a pair of pants. It was definitely convenient and I didn't have to spend 4 hours in a mall trying to find a pair of pants that fit me. I will definitely being trying it again. 

And if you want to try it out, use the link below to get started!