Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Good Luck Devin!

Yesterday, Devin, my future brother-in-law, traveled to Texas to start basic training in the Air Force. He is going to train to be on the downed-pilot resuce team. For those of you who don't know military lingo - that is part of the special forces. He will do 2 months of basic and 10 months of speical forces training.

Prior to joining he had to undergo a series of physical fitness tests and he passed all with flying colors. For 2 months we won't get to talk to him so we ask that each of you send special prayers his way. We are so proud of Devin, especially Ryan and Devin's dad who was in the Air Force and served during Vietnam. We can't wait to see him in September at his basic training graduation.
Devin, Ryan, Me and their mom Kathy

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Best Congratulations Message Ever!

Click here to see what my cousin Anniston had to say to me and Ryan about our engagement. I just love this girl!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

This Stuff is Exhausting!!

So I have quickly found out that planning a wedding is exhausting! Even after being a bridesmaid 6 times and in the house party another 4 times, you think I would know all there is to know about planning a wedding - WRONG!

This week is my "wedding appointments" week. Everyday is filled with something.

Monday - Ryan and I both met with the pastor at our church, First Christian of Fayetteville. We scheduled a meeting to talk to him about "officially" becoming members and ways to get more involved. After we finished that discussion he started asking about our wedding plans so that meeting turned into a wedding appointment on accident.

Tuesday - Last night I met with photographer Jeremy Cavness. He did Kelsey's wedding and I love his work!

Wednesday - 2 appointments! First I meet with photographer Rachel Blackwell. Rachel and I went to highschool together and her work is also amazing! Right after meeting with Rachel I am going to meet with wedding planner Karie Sutton. She is the wife of one of my dad's new assistant coaches. She has planned a couple of my friends' weddings so I am interested to see what she invisions.

Thursday - A wedding appointment but not for my wedding - for Collin's. We are going to look for wedding dresses for her and I am so excited. She is going to be beautiful!!

Saturday - My wedding dress shopping day. Me and my posse are traveling across the state to go to Low's Bridal in Brinkley. I am excited but also nervous as well.

It is only Wednesday and I am already pooped! We'll see how the rest of the week goes. I'll let yall know!

Monday, July 12, 2010

4th of July in Pictures

As part of my fabulous engagment weekend I got to spend the 4th with my future hubby and 2 of my bests. We went to Lindsay's house and just hung out. It was the perfect way to celebrate America's birthday.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

We're Engaged - Part 2

So if Friday was great enough, I found out that I would get to hang out with my girls even more! Saturday morning we all met up for a celebratory brunch at Emelia's. What was even more exciting was that we all got to meet Anna Reese Hopper for the first time. She made her first debut in the outside world and she was so excited it was to meet all of her "aunties."

Little thing was all tuckered out
The next generation of Deltas!

After brunch Collin, Stacia and I headed over to the mall for some shopping time. We helped Staysh pick out a dress and matching shoes for her sister's rehersal dinner. Before we left we treated ourselves to a cookie and cherry coke. Ahh.....Sigh.....just like old times.

After the mall we went straight over to Barnes and Noble to scan the bridal magazine section. After Collin (the other newly engaged gal) and I spent WAY too much money on magazines, we headed back to my house, put on some sweats and spent the next several hours "researching."
That night Collin and I went to dinner and then to see the new Twilight movie Eclipse. It was excellent and even better than the 2nd one I thought.
Saturday was a perfect girls day and I was even more thankful to my new FIANCE for letting me spend all my time with them. I asked him before I left that day when he wanted to meet up with us and that sweetheart told me not to worry about him and to spend as much time with my girls as I wanted. Isn't he amazing!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

We're Engaged - Part 1

The love of my life propsed to me on July 2, 2010 and I couldn't be any happier than I am right now! He is such an amazing person and friend and I can't wait to start our lives together.
Are yall ready for the story of how he popped the question? It's a good one so here we go...

We realized that the 4th of July weekend was literally one of the only weekends we didn't have a single thing planned until AFTER football season. So I told Ryan let's just hang out and be low key. He said that sounded good and then told me that he was going to make me dinner on Friday night.

I got home from work around 5:30 and he had the table set with candles and everything. He made homemade sushi! I love sushi and it turned out excellent. Little did I know this would be the first picture I took of our engagement night!

After sushi he asked me if I wanted to dance with him. I love dancing so I jumped at the chance. We danced in my living room to pandora at 6 in the evening....although it doesn't sound like it, it was very romantic. As fate would have it, his favorite "love song" came on while we were dancing and he asked if that could be the song we danced to for our first dance at our wedding. I said of course (even though at the time I was confused why he would say that - again little did I know).

After dancing we sat back down for dessert. He told me he had made 2 desserts because he couldn't decide which one to make. First was homemade creme brulee - my favorite! It was delicious. After I was done eating I told him I was going to go water my plants because I couldn't eat the second dessert right then. He told me no I had to have the dessert now. I reluctanlty said ok and he told me to close my eyes. I did so and he put a plate in front of me and this is what I saw

He was down on one knee beside me and asked: "Meredith Adams, will you marry me?" I was so excited I just started laughing and said YES!After he put the ring on my finger I told him I had to start calling people. He then said, no you need to go change clothes because we are going somewhere else now. So he picked out a dress for me to where and I touched up my makeup and we were gone. Had I known I was getting engaged that day I probably would have washed my hair.

On the way to our next destination I started calling my parents - infact I called each of them 3 times and they never answered my call! I was getting frustrated because I couldnt call anybody else until I told them.

We finally arrived at our destination and we walked into Brian's condo and I was shocked to see our my family, Ryan's family and some of our Fayetteville friends. Ryan had arranged for all of them to be there to help celebrate with us. It was so sweet!

After we all settled down and started celebrating I started calling all my friends and other family members. Again, my friends weren't answering their phones. I couldn't understand it! I finally got a hold of Collin and she said she was on her way back from Little Rock and she would come see me as soon as she got back. Stacia texted me and said she was on call at the hosptial and that she would have to call me later and Kelsey flat out hung up on me. I never did get a hold of the others and just gave up for the night.

It was about 10:30 and we were having a great time. All of a sudden the door opens and Collin comes in so I get excited but right after her came Stacia, Kelsey, Jeni and Kendall!!!!!!!!!! They all came to Fayetteville to celebrate with me! I coudn't have been more surprised. They traveled from Indiana, North Carolina, Memphis, Dallas and Little Rock. I couldn't have asked for better friends!

I can honestly say that was the best night of my life up to this point. I am so glad I got to spend it with my best friends and family. Stay tuned for Part 2 tomorrow.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

One Room Down

I have officially finished (well for the most part) decorating one room in my house - it doesn't matter if it was the smallest because at least I got one done. All my guests will appreciate their nicely decorated PURPLE bathroom I am sure.
The paint is more of a plum color in real life. I am also going to put knobs on the cabinets. That will really finish it off.