Monday, February 21, 2011

Katy Perry Likes My Cousin

For the last couple of weeks I have heard several people talk about this YouTube video that some University of Arkansas guys made to the Katy Perry song Fireworks. I heard about it again today so I had to find it and watch it for myself. The video started playing and I thought the house looked familiar. Then about 30 seconds into I see my cousin!!! The guys that made the video were my cousin and his roommmates. Trent is the 4th guy on the video in the gray hoodie. Katy Perry even commented on it on her Facebook page. Click here to watch the video and see an article by the Huffington Post. The vidoe has over 350,000 views, 15,000 "likes" on Facebook and more than 2,000 comments on Katy Perry's page. Looks like we have a celebrity in the family now. Way to go Trent!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Wedding Nightmare #2 and Valentine's Day

Last night I had wedding nightmare #2. I was walking into my reception and all I could see was yellow, orange, brown and PUPMPKINS. There were pumpkins everywhere! I'm not having a fall wedding. Probably my 2 least favorite colors are yellow and orange. I then walked over to look at my cake and it was melting and not only was it melting but it didn't have the cake topper on it (which I have been working for the past few days) and it was CHOCOLATE. Everybody knows I am a vanilla cake kind of girl.

I mean seriously, where do these things come from?

On a different note, Ryan and I had a great Valentine's Day. We had dinner at Doe's (thanks Mom and Dad for the gift certificate) and then we tried the self-serve yogart place on Dickson Street for the first time. I got Ryan this super duper fancy kitchen knife that he has been wanting and I got this...

I have been wanting an amethyst ring (duh my favorite color is purple) and Ryan found this set. It is gorgeous and I love it!

Hope everybody else had a great Valentine's Day!

Monday, February 14, 2011

All Hail the King and Queen

On Saturday my grandparents were named the King and Queen of their retirement community at the Valentine's Day party. They were so excited to tell us about it and I am so proud of them. They basically run that joint and it is about time they get recognition for all of their hard work. I love you tons Nana and Papa and CONGRATULATIONS!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Wedding Nightmare #1

Recently I have been having more and more wedding nightmares. Some have consisted of me not having time to put my make-up on before walking down the aisle, putting on my dress and hating it and forgetting to book a photographer for the wedding.

I had one a couple of nights ago and it got me thinking, they are all pretty humorus so I should start recording them. So the most recent nightmare was about my floral centerpieces. I had a meeting with my florist last week and we have been tweaking the contract and concepts to fit the budget so it has been stressing me out a little.

That night I dreamt I walked into the church and the reception following and all the centerpieces looked almost exactly like this - rocks and bamboo.

If you know me at all, you know this is definitely NOT my style. My friend Kelsey can pull off this sheek, modern look but I most certainly cannot. I am way more traditional with lots of flowers and pretty colors. In my dream I was devestated because I thought that this is all my budget would allow so I had to go with it.

I woke up thinking, where in the world did bamboo come from?

Stay tuned for more wedding nightmares.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Weight Loss Update

For the past month my dad has been kicking my butt in the weight room - and it has paid off. Since January 1, I have lost 6 pounds and one inch off my waist, belly and hips. Needless to say, I am super excited! I am also starting to see definition in arms. I will keep you updated for next month.

On a different note, I am beginning my 4th day of working from home because of snowmagedon and it is suppose to start snowing again today. I have never seen the roads this bad, even in the last ice storm. All the roads are solid sheets of ice. I haven't put on make-up since Monday and I am completley ok with that.

Tons of events have been canceled, including the Ron White show at the Walton Arts Center. Ryan and I both love this comedian and have been looking forward to the show since I bought the tickets for Ryan's birthday in December. Now we have to wait until May to see him. So bummed!

Well I am going to begin working now - under the covers of my bed in my pajamas....I could seriously get use to this.