Wednesday, June 4, 2014

11 Months

It breaks my heart to think this is the last month before my baby turns 1. But alas, that is life and it most progress.

Harlan continues to grow and make us smile every day. He currently weights a little more than 20 pounds and is officially in all 12 month clothing. His favorite foods are strawberries, avocados and peas and he loves eating outside on the back patio.

He continues to say Mama but its not quite fully directed at me yet but I'll take it. He can crawl with unhuman like speed and still has no interest in walking. He is still a great sleeper as well.

One milestone that happened this month is that he graduated classrooms at daycare. He is no longer a Duck, but now is a Frog. His next class is 10 months - 18 months. We were really sad about him moving up because we loved his teachers so much in the ducks room. Plus there were only 5 babies in that class. there are 10 in his new class.

We had a couple of fun celebrations this month.

First was Easter.

As well as my first Mother's Day which was so special!

I started planning his birthday party and that has been fun but also bitter sweet. We can't wait to celebrate our little man next month!