Friday, October 25, 2013

4 Months Old

HL is now 4 months old! It is so hard to believe how fast it is going. I am pretty sure I love him a little more each day.
This month he has really started to react to Ryan and I. He will smile at you when you smile at him and he loves to kick his legs. My new favorite thing is he can now recognize my voice (or at least react to it). Ryan picks him up from daycare in the afternoon and when I come home and say hi to him, he will turn his head and smile at me. Melts my heart every time and makes this momma fell really good.

He started rolling over this month which means sleeping has taken a few steps backwards. Since he can roll, we can't swaddle him at night anymore. Because of that he flails his arms while he sleeps and wakes himself up. He does that 1-3 times a night and it is killing us! But we are hoping it is just a phase and he will start to get over that.
He has lost a lot of hair and it is getting lighter we think. It's kind of funny because he looks like an old man who is balding. But, even with all of the loss, he still has a ton of hair. His eyes are still a beautiful bright blue which we find so funny. Ryan and I both have greenish-brown eyes but Ryan's mom, my mom and Spencer all have blue eyes. Ryan and I secretly hope he keeps those baby blues! Speaking of Spencer - that is the one person everybody says Harlan looks like. I mean everyone. Spencer doesn't mind that one bit.

Baby boy is still eating like a champ, breastmilk only. He takes 4-5 ounces every 2 hours, pretty much on the dot. He is on the bottle at daycare and I nurse at night and on the weekends. Our pediatrician wants us to try and do breastmilk only until 6 months. I think we can make it so wish us luck!

We think he is starting to teeth as well. All of sudden he has starting drooling a TON and wanting to eat his hand every chance he gets. He loves chewing on things. No teeth poking through yet but we are on the lookout.

I took him to the doctor a couple of weeks ago (for something that was completely normal and the doctor had a good giggle on our behalf - hey I am a first time mother! don't judge!) and he weighed 14 lbs 3 ounces which put him in the 60th percentile. We got back for our 4-month check up in 2 weeks.

Harlan is currently wearing size 2 diapers and a variety of sizes in clothes. He can wear 3-6 months for onesies or anything that does not have legs or feet. For pants and PJs he is in at least 6 month size. I will be anxious to see how tall he is next appt. I have a feeling, he might have long legs.

It has been so fun watching him grow, play and discover new things. I can't wait to see what the next 1/3 of a year brings!