Sunday, October 18, 2009

What a Weekend!

This weekend was very busy but very fun.
It all started on Thursday. I participated in the Woodland Junior High 50th Anniversary celebration. At the 8th grade football game, they recognized 50 years of pom squad and cheer squad members. We were announced by decades and then did a cheer on the field. Talk about a flashback. I did the reunion with Jana. Her husband is a coach with Dad at Farmington.

Saturday Aunt Janie and I got up early and headed out to the War Eagle craft fair. I hadn't been in years and we had a tons of fun. We made some cool purchases, including some gifts, and made a lot of fun of some of the things we saw. We also ran in to Bekah and Dallas. That was a fun surprise.

Saturday night I attended the wedding reception of Kelsey and Jerome. Kelsey works we me and the other MCGers and I went to congratualte the happy couple. Sorry Kels, this was the only pic I had.
And finally on Sunday, Baby Hudson, Sarah and Nathan's son, was dedicated at New Heights Church. Both Ryan and I were excited to get to witness that and it was a great family experience.

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Jeni Sackett said...

Mer, I am lovin' that dress you wore to the wedding!