Wednesday, July 21, 2010

This Stuff is Exhausting!!

So I have quickly found out that planning a wedding is exhausting! Even after being a bridesmaid 6 times and in the house party another 4 times, you think I would know all there is to know about planning a wedding - WRONG!

This week is my "wedding appointments" week. Everyday is filled with something.

Monday - Ryan and I both met with the pastor at our church, First Christian of Fayetteville. We scheduled a meeting to talk to him about "officially" becoming members and ways to get more involved. After we finished that discussion he started asking about our wedding plans so that meeting turned into a wedding appointment on accident.

Tuesday - Last night I met with photographer Jeremy Cavness. He did Kelsey's wedding and I love his work!

Wednesday - 2 appointments! First I meet with photographer Rachel Blackwell. Rachel and I went to highschool together and her work is also amazing! Right after meeting with Rachel I am going to meet with wedding planner Karie Sutton. She is the wife of one of my dad's new assistant coaches. She has planned a couple of my friends' weddings so I am interested to see what she invisions.

Thursday - A wedding appointment but not for my wedding - for Collin's. We are going to look for wedding dresses for her and I am so excited. She is going to be beautiful!!

Saturday - My wedding dress shopping day. Me and my posse are traveling across the state to go to Low's Bridal in Brinkley. I am excited but also nervous as well.

It is only Wednesday and I am already pooped! We'll see how the rest of the week goes. I'll let yall know!


Kendall Jones said...

What a week, girl! Sounds intense. I remember those days! A little tip about Brinkley: there's a charming place to eat lunch after dress shopping. It's not far from Low's and in a shopping center with a Merle Norman. I forget what it's called, maybe "cottage..." something? Ask the staff at Low's. It's a yummy little sandwich place! Have fun!!

Anonymous said...

How exciiittinnngg!! yeh!

I'll need some additional details asap.

Amy and Jerry said...

That is so exciting Meredith! Can't wait to talk with you next Monday!!