Thursday, December 3, 2009

My Christmas Cottage

One of my favorite things about living in a house is that I have a WHOLE house to decorate. I think i have filled up my 1000 sq. foot home with as much Christmas stuff as I could find. My house is so cozy with all the Christmas decorations so I have started referring to it as my Christmas Cottage.

This is my main tree in my living room. I want to do a fancy tree with lots of ribbon and matching ornaments but I just can't seem to part with all my snowmen ornaments yet. I have been collecting snowmen since 2002. This tree is almost completely covered with them.

The wreath on my door. It was pre-made but I added to it to spice it up a bit.

My Kitchen table.

This is my mantle above the fireplace (which unfortunatley isn't functioning). Collin helepd me with the garland. And yes, Tackle does have a stocking - don't judge me. This is the stocking I have had since I was a baby. It has a cross-sticked Snowman on it so apparenlty my obsession with snowmen started at birth.

Speaking of Tackle, even he is decorated for Christmas with his Christmas collar.

This is my second tree in a nook off of my kitchen. It is decorated with only red and white snowmen. I told you I had a ton of them. This is where I put Ryan's birthday presents - his birthday is Dec. 15.

And last but not least, my purple tree! Ha. When I moved into the house I painted the laundry room purple. Those of you who know me know I am obsessed with purple. So for this year I just had to have a purple tree. It is only 2 ft tall and sets on top of a shelf. Also notice the purple frame. I love it!

Merry Christams, Love Meredith and Tackle.


Kendall Jones said...

Looks great, Mere! The purple tree definitely made me smile :)

Anonymous said...

Very cute! See you Monday!

Jenny said...

So cute!! I love the purple room... I have a purple painted half bath and those walls are my favorite in my entire house!

My lab has a Christmas collar on too :)