Tuesday, May 18, 2010

And the Truth Comes Out

If all goes according to plan, I will be closing on my house on Wednesday and start moving that night. My plan is to move boxes Wednesday, Thursday and Friday nights and then get my entire family involved and move all of my furniture on Saturday morning. That is, if all goes according to plans.

Since my wonderful boyfriend has a big truck I told him what he was going to be doing on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday night and he willing agreed by saying: "I figured that would be the case."

To get a little background, Ryan and I usually hang out 3-4 weeknights together. We have kind of developed a schedule on which days that will be and it all depends on yoga, lawyer events and our favorite shows - Ryan refuses to watch the Bachelor with me and I prefer not to watch Nascar or Top Gear. And both of us need our alone time so we definitely don't see each other every day.

Well on Monday afternoon Ryan and I were eating lunch together and I asked if he was going to come over that night to hang out. He said no right off the bat. Usually he will say "probably not" or "I think I might just hang out at my house." Then came the explanation from him....

"Since I am going to be helping you move and moving usually is very stressful for you I think I will stay away until absolutely necessary."

I just laughed because I knew exactly what he meant. Hey at least he knows me well enough to know when we have hit the treshhold of togetherness. Man I love that boy :)


muks said...

Hi Meredith, certainly u don’t know me. I am just a random reader. I found your blog when I was just browsing some blogs. ‘And the Truth comes out’ is really nice post. Some incident accurately defines the level of understanding in relationship. The incident you mentioned is very much day to day incident but proves lot of things. I really liked your writing style. I could imagine everything when I am reading your posts …

Kiran said...

Hi Meredith,

I was pointed to this blog by my friend Muks (who has commented above). We are from India. I for one am mighty impressed by your blog. Love your writing style and love to see your world through your glasses.

Do keep writing and entertaining us :)