Friday, December 10, 2010

His Wedding Band - Check

There is a local jewelery store in Fayetteville that is shutting its doors. Ryan told me we should go there and look at wedding bands so yesterday we did just that. We got there and to our delight, all the male wedding bands were 50% off. Score! He found one that he really liked, and I did too, so I bought it right then and there. They were even able to size it so it fits perfectly.

While we were checking out, the nice man helping us said we get to pop a ballon and get an additional savings. He said every ballaon had at least a 10% off coupon in it. So I carefully examined my options of all the ballons around the store and I chose the lone purple ballon which happend to be right by the wedding band case. POP! I got another 20% off!! Wahoo!!

Even though that was just one thing on my list of thousands surrounding the wedding, it feels good to mark that one off the list. Now I am on the move to tackle the next item - reserving blocks of hotel rooms. Wish me luck.

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