Monday, May 16, 2011

An Exciting Day for the (Future) Pettigrews!

I got the most exciting text message last Friday. It read:

"Got 2 seats for you in Fayetteville - sec 112, row 20, seats 24-25"

That's right folks. We are officially Razorback Football Season Ticket holders! This was some of the most exciting news Ryan and I have gotten. If you couldn't tell, we are die hard fans and don't miss any home games.

My cousins Jerry and Mark were starting offensive lineman for the Hogs from 2000-2004 (i think those are the right years) so my entire family have tons of tickets. Ryan and I could usually get a set of tickets from somebody in the family who wasn't going that week, but it was based week by week. Now we are super excited to have our own seats and don't have to stress about it each week.

This makes us even more excited for football season and can't wait for it to get here...I guess we need to get through a wedding first :)

Thanks Jerry and Amy for helping us out!


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