Tuesday, June 11, 2013

37 Weeks = FULL TERM!!!!!

I can't believe we made it to full term! I am so proud of little P-Nut for hanging in there and getting as far along as possible.

Now, having said that, P-Nut: it is A-ok by momma if you want to come out anytime now!

I swear, within the last week and a half I went from "this pregnancy thing is a breeze" to "most uncomfortable I have ever been in my life!" That is exactly what they say, as soon as baby gets in the "go" position, your whole body changes. I feel pressure constantly, I am having Braxton Hicks contractions all day and I can't get comfortable when I lay down. TheBump.com says baby is the size of a watermelon now. And that's exactly what it feels like. We go to the doctor tomorrow to see if I have dilated anymore. Last week I was at 1 cm. No real contractions so far.

Ryan and I both feel like we are officially ready for baby to be here. Yesterday Ryan installed a carbon monoxide detector in the nursery and this past weekend we went shopping and got all the things we still needed. Tonight Ryan will be creating our wills.

I got a glimpse of what life would be like if we have a girl. Our good friends Tim and Carma had their son last week. Their son was 6 weeks early (she was due about 10 days after me) but is doing fine. They named him Jennings and we are excited that he and P-Nut will grow up together. Once we heard everything was ok, Ryan said: "If we have a girl, that Jennings better not touch her!" Ha! I just laughed. I always knew Daddy would be protective.

I feel like I am finally starting to nest now. And since I don't have a real baby yet, I have started nesting with my furbabies. Both are scheduled for a full grooming and deshedding appointment as well as updating their shots. Doggies gots to be ready for baby too.

Our bags are packed and the car seat bases are installed! P-Nut we can't wait to meet you!!

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Kendall Jones said...

Mere - I can't believe it's almost time!! How did it go by so fast!? Easy for me to say, I'm not the one that's been preggo :) Thinking of you daily! Can't wait to hear the news that you're in labor. And, of course, what the baby is! I am sticking with girl, too. XOXO, friend!