Thursday, November 7, 2013


We had the privilege of dedicating Harlan at our church on Sunday, Nov. 4. This was a very special time for me, Ryan and our families. I love the fact that our family started at First Christian Church with our wedding and now we will get to see our children grow up here. We love our church family and couldn't imagine being anywhere else. The ceremony was a symbol of our commitment to dedicate our son to the Lord and raise him in the church.

Harlan wore the Smith Family christening gown. He was the 20th child to wear the nearly 60-year-old gown for a christening/baptism/dedication. My mom was #2, I was #8 and Spencer #10 now Harlan at #20. The gown is beautiful but definitely very fragile. I am pretty sure we added a couple more holes to it. Oops! Ryan also assured Harlan that this was the last time he would ever have to wear a dress.

We were so lucky to have our families there to witness and celebrate with us. We love that Harlan is so LOVED by so many.

Ryan and I are truly blessed to be able to call Harlan our son and thank God everyday for our precious gift.

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Amy and Jerry said...

ok, it might be that I'm posting at 1:33 AM, but concerning the Smith gown. Your mom was #2, you #8, Spencer #10, Harlan #20.....2+8+10= 20

I need to go to bed now ;)