Monday, November 4, 2013

Harlan's First Halloween

I've never been a big Halloween person but man, it's a whole new world when you have a little one. It is sooooo much more fun to dress them up rather than having to dress up yourself. And it's especially nice when they don't complain about it just yet. 

Four months is a hard age to buy a costume for. Baby costumes come in two sizes: 0-6 months and 6-12 months. And there are a lot more 6-12 month size than the other. Plus he can't walk yet so you kind of need something that doesn't have to be identified only if he is standing up. I started looking online for a costume and all I was seeing was lions and monkeys and dogs. They were all super cute but I wanted something different. Don't know why, call me crazy.

And then I saw it! Harlan's first ever Halloween costume was going to be a Shrimp! And I put him in a pot because I thought that would be cute (and assured he was sitting up for pictures).

Ryan was out of town all last week so I knew Harlan and I weren't going to do a "real" Halloween. Mom and Dad always host a Halloween chili dinner for our extended family during the week so we headed over there for Harlan's costume reveal. Our cousins were there including this adorable "bat" family - Batman, Batgirl and Baby Bat! 

Harlan's uncles are slightly obsessed with their little shrimp

And here is the full costume, tail and all. 

We had lots of fun this year and I look forward to future Halloweens full of more costumes and lots of Trick-o-Treating. I can't even begin to imagine what Harlan is going to want to dress up as. 

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