Friday, May 8, 2009

Sweet Puppy/BAD Tackle!

Some people post their kid updates, I am going to post a dog update. Tomorrow marks the second week that Tackle has been home with me. He is a great dog most of the time but there are times when he is just a holy terror! Below are his naughty and nice lists.

- He broke a window in his room while I was at work one day - that cost me $115 to replace.
- After breaking that window he decided to chew my camera into tiny little pieces
- While he is house broken and never pees inside, he doesn't seem to understand that you must poop outside as well.
- When i was getting ready one morning he walked past me and pulled my Chi flat iron into the toilet ruining it.
- The only thing he chews on is my shoes. Luckily none have been ruined so far.
- He does not understand the concept of a leash just yet.
- Last weekend, the second I opened the gate he took off for the highway. He ran into the street and 2 cars had to swerve not to hit him.

Sweet Doggie! (now for some of the good things)
- When I am home, Tackle follows me around everywhere. He never wants to leave my side.
- He is not allowed on the furniture so when I sit on the couch he sits by my feet and puts his head in my lap and will stay there for hours if I let him.
- He will not lay on his doggie bed for anything, he'd rather lay on the ground next to it then on the comfy pad.
- He takes his medicine like a champ (as long as it's wrapped in Turkey)
- His football toy has become his version of a security blanket - he has to have it in every room he is in, even if he is not playing with it.
- I have not heard him bark once since I got him
- He sleeps through the night.

Tomorrow I am taking him for his first vet visit to get groomed and to get he stitches removed. We will see how that goes.

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Amy and Jerry said...

Ah, the trials and tribulations of "children". At the end of the day, you can't imagine life without them, right? We can't wait to come visit your new house and see Tackle! I'll call you Sunday night and we'll try to figure out an evening to get out! Thanks for the offer!