Tuesday, May 26, 2009

An Update

Sadly, I still have no camera so I will not be able to add any pics but I thought I would give an update anyway. Nothing too exciting has happened but I'm sure somebody will find the trivial facts of my life entertaining (I hope).

JD came home from school for a whole 3 days and then he was off to travel the world. He left for Greece and will be studying abroad there for 3 months. He was really excited about the trip and couldn't wait to get there. I know he will have a great time. Mom and one of her friends are going to see him in July.

I am slowly getting settled in my house. I still need a few things to complete it but it is pretty much put together. I even got some really neat furniture. Uncle Jerry and Aunt Julie gave me Leah's old table and glass shelving unit for my kitchen. I was so excited to get her furniture and feel lucky that I have a piece of her in my house. Besides all the good stuff, I woke up one morning to a pile of ceiling tiles in my dinning room. That's right, the ceiling collapsed in the middle of the night. How I didn't hear that I'm not sure. Slept right through it. It is being fixed now so now worries.

We have had a couple of get togethers at my house which have been fun. The Smith Aunts gave me a grill for my birthday so we have been able to use that and make a mini bon fire in the fire pit in my back yard. I have figured out I like hosting people.

Tackle is finally getting settled I think in his new home. When I took him to the vet, the doc told me that he has severe separation anxiety - which would explain the broken window. Apparently Tackle is a bit of a momma's boy. My gate got fixed so now he is able to stay outside during the day. I feel better about not having to lock him up in the house all day.

I have also figured out that I am getting way into too many tv shows lately. The Bachelorette started again, I had to watch Arkansas Boy Kris win on American Idol and the new season of Jon and Kate Plus 8 returned. I have to say though, with everything going on in the Goselin's world I am a little turned off by the show, but I can't help but watch. The show seemed so much better when the couple could actually be in the same room together.

Well that's an update on my life up until this point. May was pretty low key which is nice because June will be jam packed: Trip to NC, Stacia moves to NWA, girls' weekend, weddings and wedding showers.

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