Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Leopard Shoes, Linguini and Legally Blonde

This past Saturday was fabulous! It was a fun girls day filled with leopard shoes, linquini and Legally Blonde. All of my Smith aunts (Laura, Susan, Julie and Tina) and their cousins (Helen Ann and Jo Lynn) come up the hill on Saturday for the day. We started off with a mexican lunch and then we went shopping.

My aunts are bad influence on me when we shop :) We started off at Masons for their big sale and then went to the mall. We were at the mall for more than 2.5 hours and we only made it to 3 stores. At the first store we all made our purchases and when we were walking out we all found something else that we "couldn't live without" so we spent another 30 minutes debating on our other finds.

One of my big goals of the day was to hopefully purchase the leopoard shoes I have been eye balling for a while. And SUCCESS! They were on sale at Warrens so I was able to get them. Score! Here are my new shoes.

After shopping we had a great dinner at Theo's off of Dickson street. I had a chicken linguini which was delicious! I also had one of their famous mojitos, which is my all-time favorite drink. They have the best in town! All though our food was delicious our waitress was TERRIBLE. She must not have had a great day because she was very mean to all of us. That or she just didn't care because she knew she was going to get to add gratuity to our bills.

After dinner we crossed the street to the Walton Arts Center to see Legally Blonde. We had great seats and the show was hilarious!

Over all it was a great girls day and I can't wait to do it agian.


Kendall Jones said...

Sounds so fun! Isn't Legally Blonde great!? "Oh my god, oh my god you guys!!" :)

Jeni Bennett said...

How fun! I still haven't seen the play, but I have heard it is halarious!