Monday, February 22, 2010

Fayetteville to Fayetteville

I have to say, nothing is better than a weekend with one of your best friends - and this weekend was no exception! I landed in Raleigh at 8 p.m. on Thursday night and Stacia and I didn't stop talking until I left on Sunday. Once we got back to her condo on Thursday night we stayed up til midnight just talking and catching up. I also got to meet the other man in her life - Trek. Trek liked me a lot and Stacia said I was his new girlfriend.

Saturday morning, after several wake-up kisses from Trek, we got ready and headed to Smithville to do some shopping at the outlet mall there. We did a lot of damage and finally at 2 we realized we hadn't eaten anything so we headed to lunch at the nearest mexican restaurant we could find. Lots of chips and salsa and a huge margarita re-energized us. We did a little more shopping and then headed back to Fayetteville.

Stacia then took me to Fort Bragg. It was huge and nothing like I thought. She said 68,000 people live on base alone! I saw Chris' office and some other training facilities.

That night we decided to stay in. We weren't hungry but of course we found room for some ice cream. In college we had a tradition of going to Shakey's and sitting in the parking lot while we ate our delicous treat. We did the same thing except there wasn't a Shakey's so we went to Cold Stone instead. After we finished our ice cream we went home and watched the movie Amelia (about Amelia Earhart). It was a great movie.

Saturday morning we got up and headed to lunch early. We decided pizza was in order and went to Rudinos and had a hamburger and onion pizza pie (another tradition of ours from college). After lunch Stacia had to go to a baby shower and I opted out of that and stayed home with Trek. We took a long walk around Stacia' neighborhood and around the lake behind her house.

That day mom texted me and said she transferred money to my account so we could go to dinner and have a drink on them and so we did just that. After spending hours getting ready and talking like we use to, Stacia took me to a Fayetteville orginal - The Mash House. We got stuffed on salmon, steak and creme brulee. We loved dinner. Thanks Mom!

Stacia decided I needed to experience the Fayetteville night life as well. We went to a local bar and had tons of fun. One of Stacia's NC friends met us there and we had a blast dancing and meeting other locals. One guy asked us if we were Italian, we got in an argument with a guy from Tennessee who said they were the best team in the SEC and one person said Meredith was the most unusal name he had ever heard - huh?

I love this girl :)
Sunday we laid in bed talking for a while and then we headed to the airport. It was an action-packed weekend and I had a blast. Now, we are planning a Stacia trip to the REAL Fayetteville!

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Anonymous said...

oh i miss that girl! so glad ya'll had fun. see you next week my thinking about where to go!