Thursday, February 18, 2010

Packing and Flying Solo

I am leaving today to go to North Carolina! I am super excited. While planning for this trip I set a goal for myself -pack everything I need in my carry-on rolling suitcase WITHOUT unzipping the extender. I decided to do this because 1) I refuse to pay $3o to just check my bag and 2) I really need to learn to pack lighter. So this was my opportunity. I am only going to be gone 3 days so this should be doable right?

To do this, I called Staysh and told her about my goal. She kindly offered up all hair suppplies (blow dryer, flat iron, shampoo and hairspray) as well as any extra close I might need. I am taking 2 pairs of jeans and then several tops and one dress. I am the kind of person that needs options. I cannot be confined to to wearing one thing - hey I might not be in the mood to wear the outfit I picked to wear that day. Plus, we really don't have any set plans for our weekend so I need options for all possible activities.

Next on my list was shoes. Now really, does a girl need to take 3 different pairs of shoes for such a short trip? Well yes, this girl does. I have a pair of flat boots, a pair of tall boots with a heel and my tennis shoes. That sounds reasonable. I am actually proud of myself for packing only three.

To save even more room I only packed half of my make-up and picked out the pair of pajamas that would fold down to the smallest amount of space. As of this morning, I think I am going to be able to accomplish my goal.

Another thing I am excited about this trip is that I am flying alone. I am a very independent person and the idea of traveling alone and making my own decisions is very exciting for me. Yes during my layover I will go into one of the restaurants and have a drink by myself and that is just fine by me.

So this weekend I will be the lone traveler, the girl with no sidekick, the mysterious one. I've got a new book to keep me company and my suitcase by my side with everything I could possibly need. This is going to be a great weekend!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like you'll have a great time!