Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Super Bowl Party

This past Sunday I had a Super Bowl party at my house. I was super excited about it because I would get to decorate for my favorite sport - FOOTBALL! Ryan and I decided that we were going to have only food you find at a concession stand - nachos, hot dogs, hamburgers, popcorn and soft pretzels. Ryan has been dying to buy one of those huge cans of fake nacho cheese from Sam's. I never let him but this was the perfect opportunity. So we went all out - we got the nacho cheese, the big 6lb box of chips and we even got 1,500 nacho boats. We will have nacho boats for the next 10 years. Who knew a trip to Sam's could make my man so happy?

Along with nachos we were planning on grilling hot dogs and hamburgers as well. I had to stray a little from the theme and get some fresh veggies and Kosher hot dogs for our Jewish friend Alena, but other than that everything we had was authentic stadium food authentic untill.....

I won a Super Bowl Pizza party from Eureka Pizza!!! I love Twitter and find that I get pretty lucky on it. If you remember, this time last year I won a Ninetendo Wii on Twitter and this year but just typing: "I love Eurkea Pizza because it reminds me of late night study sessions and sorority dinners" I won 6 large pizzas, 20 wings and 3 two litter drinks. The owner of Eurkea Pizza (Twitter: @eurekapizza) asked everybody to tell him in 140 characters or less why they loved Eureka Pizza and the top 3 answeres would win a Pizza Party. Cool huh?

Well I found out on Friday night that I won so that kind of threw my party planning off a bit. I decided that since Ryan was so excited about the nachos we would still have those and just save the hot dogs and hamburgers for another time. Good thing we did because the stadium nachos were a huge hit!

The party ended up being a blast. We had probably around 20 people come and watch the game on my new 42" LCD flat screen TV. The party kinda went down hill though when the Colts lost but never the less, we all had fun.
Sadly, I only got 2 pictures the whole night - and there aren't even any people in them. I was too concentrated on the game and I forgot to take any more.

My food table before the Pizza arrived

The cupcakes I made for dessert - Almond vanilla with blue sprinkles for the Colts and chocolate walnut for the Saints.

Here are my two favorite commericals from the night.
Which ads were your favorites?


Lauren Sullivant said...

I agree with your BF I LOVE Nachos and the Nacho cheese sauce! Great post! I loved it! And so lucky to win all of those pizzas too!

Kendall Jones said...

CUTE party!! Love it! My fave commercial was Google, too!

Frances said...

Interesting blogging!