Friday, June 18, 2010

Pagnozzi Get Out & Play Games

Last week our office participated in the Pagnozzi Charities "Get Out & Play Games." About 12 companies participated and we competed in several games throughout the afternoon. We had a great time but didn't win a single event :) That is bound to happen with an office that is majority women. But hey, we did win the Spirit Award! Our team name was the Recreational Hazards and our uniforms were like the ones in Dodgeball the movie (no I did not pick our theme). Below are some pics from the events.

Below is a series of picture of me catching a touchdown pass
Yes that is Tom Pagnozzi in the volunteer shirt, the former St. Louis Cardinals catcher, coming after me. He was yelling and I'm pretty sure he wanted to takle me. The blonde in the background is my boss Heather. I heard her screaming.

Making sure to stay in bounds

TOUCHDOWN! Daddy would be so proud!

Officemates - Scott and I

And below is my favorite picture of the day - Our COO Michael....

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