Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Zac Brown Band and Tim McGraw

One of the many advantages of living in NWA is that it is home of Walmart. Each year Walmart hosts its Shareholders meeting where thousands of people come into our area and celebrate Walmart. Walmart is a great company and likes to show its appreciation for its associates, shareholders and customers.

Each year they bring big name artists for concerts that are FREE to the public. Two years ago, I went to Keith Urban and Carrie Underwood. Last night me and mom and one of her coworkers saw Zac Brown Band and Tim McGraw.

Zac Brown Band was AMAZING! Such an entertaining group and their music is a mix of country and hard rock. They have got a fiddle player that is mind-blowingly good. Now I want to go to one of their full concerts.

After ZBB, Tim McGraw came out. And let me tell you, he was looking FIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINE! I have never really had a crush on Tim but after seeing him in person, I now do. One of the cool things about his performance is that he had 2 woman signing the songs (using sign language) and they were so cool to watch. At some points I was watching them more than Tim.

The concerts were in Bud Walton Arena and there is not a bad seat in that place. We had great seats and had a fun, FREE time listening to some great music. Tonight is REO Speedwagon and Barenaked Ladies. I can't wait to see who Walmart brings next year.


Torsa said...

came across your blog rather randomly... nice reading your spontaneous recording of your experiences.

Kendall Jones said...

Zac Brown Band will be here in Memphis on Thursday night at Mud Island. We've had tickets for a while and I can't wait!!!! I got really excited after hearing they are great in concert! :)