Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Day at the Farm

On Halloween Day Ryan, his parents and I went to the family farm that is just outside Eureka Springs. I had only been there once before this day but I have to say this time was much better. This is one of Ryan's favorite places. They have 160 acres that they camp and hunt on. Their whole family loves it and I know I will be spending many days there.

My Studly FianceMy first tractor ride - I am sitting on Ryan's lap - ha how redneck can we get?

We took the dogs with us and this is the first time ever that Tackle had left my sight at any point. He had a blast exploring and playing in the creek. Obvisously in the picture he was right by Mama's side.

It is such a beautiful piece of land.

And I found a turtle - Ryan named him Bill. We let Bill go at the end of the day.
Ryan also found a Copperhead snake and subsequently chopped the snake's head off - not the best moment of the day.

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