Wednesday, September 12, 2012

"That's My Bag" and the Junior League

I am a part of the Junior League of Northwest Arkansas and this year I am vice chair of a committee called "That's My Bag". As part of this committee, we assemble back packs for children that were abruptly taken out of their homes and put into foster care for various reasons. When this happens, they are allowed to take nothing with them. These bags are filled with comfort items for the kids to make the transition a little easier.

This is my second year on this committee and I really enjoy it. Since I have been so abundantly blessed in my life, I feel it is only appropriate and necessary to help those in my community. I know our League and this committee are directly affecting children in our area. In previous years, we were only reaching Washington and Benton Counties, but this year, through my wonderful husband and his contacts in Madison County, we were able get hooked up with Madison County and now their children will be given bags. When I made contact with them they were so excited because they say so many times the smaller, outlying counties get overlooked.

Recently a NWA philanthropic publication, 3W Magazine, wrote a story on our committee and it is posted below. If you would like to make donations to be provided in the bags or get involved, please let me know.

The Junior League of Northwest Arkansas is making additional strides in improving the local community in 2012, including expanding its services into Madison County with “That’s My Bag.” The League’s “That’s My Bag” project is a partnership with the local Department of Human Services (DHS) that provides backpacks and care bags of necessities to children who are taken into foster care or are taken out of their homes abruptly.
“That’s My Bag” has aided hundreds of children in Washington and Benton Counties since 2004. With the League’s additional resources, this year Madison County received its first set of bags in August. The care bags are filled with clothing, underwear, socks, toiletries, a toy or stuffed animal, and additional age-appropriate items as needed. Contents of the bags are either purchased by the League or donated by community members, and the League fundraises throughout the year to support the campaign.
“As stewards of our community and citizens of Northwest Arkansas, it is important to remember that this area consists of more than just Benton and Washington Counties,” says Gracie Ziegler, “That’s My Bag” committee chair.
“The Junior League of Northwest Arkansas wants to reach all the surrounding areas including those that, in some ways, are in even more need of our services. Madison County is a perfect example, and we are so thrilled that we can help children by providing necessities and a small sense of comfort,” adds “That’s My Bag” committee vice chair, Meredith Pettigrew.
This year, the “That’s My Bag” committee will assemble and deliver an estimated 250 bags to the three county DHS offices and additional agencies. The committee will also work towards providing more customized bags to help accommodate as many children as possible. Customization will be done by age and gender.
For more information about the Junior League of Northwest Arkansas, the ‘That’s My Bag’ project, or to become an agency beneficiary, visit, call 479.751.7054 or email

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