Thursday, December 6, 2012

He's Going to Walmart!

Ryan and I, well mostly Ryan, will be making a life change on Monday. He will begin his new job at Walmart  Home Office in the Realty division! While Ryan loved his job as a private attorney, he felt he needed something a little more stable, mainly a consistent salary. He applied in several departments and got 2 offers in the same week. He decided on the Realty position where he will be in charge of all the new and existing Walmart store leases and contracts in three different states on the east coast.

I am excited for Ryan and this new chapter in his life. The good thing about Walmart is that they will pay for him to keep his law license up to date (since he needs it for his job anyway) which will give him the freedom to go back to private practice in the future if he so chooses to do so.

Selfishly I am sad he won't be working across the street from me anymore. I won't be able to walk over to his office in the middle of the day for a quick brain break and we won't be able to ride to and from work together anymore. I have really grown to cherish the extra 40 minutes in the car we have together. It will be a period of adjustment for both of us but he is excited about the new challenges and opportunities this job will bring.

Ryan - I am so proud of you and can't wait to see how you grow at Walmart. I have no doubt you will be leading the charge very soon. I Love you!

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