Friday, December 21, 2012

Our Family is Growing!

Ryan and I are so excited that we can finally announce: WE ARE HAVING A BABY! We both knew we wanted to have a family and sooner rather than later so when it happened for us, we felt so incredibly blessed.

I will be 13 weeks on Christmas Day and we are due on July 2 - our anniversary :) And for those that are keeping up with the Adams family, you will notice that there is another big family event in July - my brother's wedding on July 27. Definitely going to be a very busy month. And it will be interesting to see if I fit into that bridesmaids dress!

I am starting to feel more like a normal human being. I have been exhausted for the past 6-7 weeks - I am talking exhausted as in going to bed at 7:30 and 8 p.m. every night. I have also felt nauseous 24 hours a day. But I am lucky because I have never actually gotten sick. As long as I was eating something constantly, I felt fine but the minute I stopped eating, I felt pretty yucky.

Now that the nausea is stating to pass, I have been having a few cravings. The biggest of which, and admittedly  most cliche, is pickles. Seriously, I can't get enough pickles! And they can't just be any pickles, it has to be the Clausen kind that are cold when you buy them. I prefer the pickle halves. One day I ate a whole jar. Crazy I know! Another thing is sweets. I usually never crave sweets but these days I want chocolate  cupcakes, cookies and sweet drinks.

This will be the first grand baby on both sides and both sets of grandparents are over the moon! We told them by giving them an early Christmas gift which was the onesie. The Uncles and Aunt are also very excited.

Our first ultrasound pictures we got were at 8 weeks and the little bean looked like a peanut with little stubs coming out which have since developed into the arms and legs. Because of those pictures I have started calling him/her Baby P-Nut. Get it-- Baby P(ettigrew)! Haha. The name has stuck and will be useful in the future because we have decided NOT to find out the sex :) I have always wanted it to be a surprise and can't imagine the feeling of finding out the moment the baby is born. This is very unusual for me becuase with my type-A personality of planning and organizing, this goes way outside my comfort zone.

We have appreciated all the sweet notes, texts, call and messages. Ryan and I could not be happier and can't wait to meet our little P-Nut.

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