Sunday, September 8, 2013

Harlan's First Week of Football Season

Football season is the Pettigrews' favorite time of year, but this year it's even more special because we have a future football player of our own (or band member, or cheerleader, or whatever he wants to be).

We started off with a Razorback game. The first Hogs game was in the high 90s so we knew Harlan would make an appearance at the tailgate and then hit the road. He won't be going into any games this year. That will be next year's first.

Like I said, it was in the 90s and little man was very uncomfortable so we didn't get a great family picture. He was there for about an hour and then Coach came and got him. They spent the rest of the afternoon watching football in the air conditioning. He had much more fun there. 

The following week was the Famrington Cardinal opener. The game was at night so the weather was much more favorable. Harlan LOVES football games. He did so good. He was awake most of the game and was looking around and watching the whole time. He loves loud noises and bright lights so Friday nights at the field are perfect for him!

Coach's favorite - of course! His little pans had laces (like a football) on the butt. They were adorable! 

 Harlan with Aunt LuLu and Jewel

 He was so alert all night. He loved it!

Helping Coach with the post-game interview 

Cardinals got a W so it was a great night all around. We are so excited for the upcoming weekend. A home Razorback game and another Cardinal game. WPS and Go Cards! 

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Katy Nustad said...

Your Dad is so proud!!! You can just tell the way he is holding him during his interview :). So precious!!!