Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Daycare Sickness Curse!

Well Harlan has been in daycare not even a full month yet and I have successfully managed to contract BOTH bugs that went around at his "school." That is not something anybody prepares you for when sending your kids to daycare. Nobody says "load up on your Vitamin C because you will be sicker than a dog for the next year."

The first one was a common cold. After the first week Harlan came home with a runny nose. Ryan and I also got that cold but it hit us harder than him. We both had fevers and chills and whatnot but luckily, he did not.

The second one I got this week. One day Ryan was picking Harlan up and he walked into the room and he said it was chaos because 3 of the babies were throwing up simultaneously. Oh yay. Well Harlan still has not gotten that one but I sure did! I was on my back with a stomach bug for 24 hours. Luckily that was short lived. I am praying H man doesn't get that one.

For somebody so small, he sure does carry a lot of germs. Everybody is telling us that it is good for him to be exposed to all this stuff now because he will be less susceptible to it later on. It hurts this mommy's heart to see her baby not feeling well though.

Hopefully our immune systems will strengthen too. I have been sicker in the past 3 weeks than I have in the past year.

On a more positive note, everybody LOVES Harlan at the daycare. We have teachers in other rooms come up to us and tell us how adorable and happy he is all the time. It is a relief to me knowing he is enjoying it there and that he is getting so much attention. We are really happy with the choice we made. It is also close enough to our families that he gets a least one visitor a week. I love that they allow family members to come in and have some special one-on-one time with him.

All in all, we will take all the sickness and crudiness to know that our baby boy is in a safe and loving environment. If he has to go to daycare, we are glad it is this one.


The Lady of the House said...

With two children in school, germs are inevitable and they bring them home often. And I HATE being sick. That was one of the reasons we home schooled Ella last year. (She's back in public school this year.)

I know this sounds so weird, but I found using essential oils - a blend called OnGuard or products containing OnGuard - works to build immunity and keep us all well! We've been really healthy since we started using them.

They look pricy, but one bottle is equivalent to 200 doses because you only need ONE drop for an adult and less than a drop for babies. You can put a drop in your mouth or buy the toothpaste or beadlets. The baby just gets a tiny drop mixed in coconut or olive oil (or another vegetable-based oil).

It sounds like crazy talk, but it works awesome!

The Lady of the House said...

I should add that the baby gets the oil rubbed on his feet or abdomen. Not in the mouth. Although, it won't hurt him if it did get in there.