Sunday, November 30, 2008

Clark, Do you think there is room for the Angel?

Ok so one of my favorite movies of all time is Christmas Vacation. A particular scene came to mind this weekend when my mom, Dad and I were putting up the family Christmas tree. Mom and Dad inherited a new 12' tree this year from Mark. He and Leah bought it before and it was so big that it would only fit in my parents' house....well we thougth it would at least. If you have seen Christmas Vacation think back to the scene where Clark is unveiling his family tree he just cut down in the forest.


Amy and Jerry said...

ok, that's hilarious! And I know there's an angel in heaven getting a kick out of this too!

Anonymous said...

Ha! Doesn't look like there "is enough room for the angel"......CLARK!

Jana said...

I am laughing so hard!! Please tell me there isn't a squirrel hiding in it or that it caught on fire... we love that movie, too! Jay just cracks up through the whole thing even after watching it 8 million times! :)