Saturday, November 22, 2008

Holiday Market

So I am sitting here watching the OU-Texas Tech game. This game was suppose to be a nail-bitter, possibly determine the National Champ, down to the wire......and so on and so on. At the moment the score is OU-45, Texas Tech-7 in the third quarter. Needless to say I have lost interest in the game and therefore have moved on to blogging...

Today Mom and I made an adventure down south. We decided to go to the Fort to experience our first Holiday Market together. Neither of us had ever gone to a so called "Holiday Market" so we thought it would be fun to try it out. For those of you who don't know, the Holiday Market is just a place where a bunch of stores/vendors get together and sell their merchandise. We were a little overwhelmed at first because there were over 50 booths for us to shop through, so we devised a plan: Scan the perimeter first then move into the interior booths.

So we started off shopping listening to delightful Holiday music over the loud speaker. There were some really neat things and some really, really strange things. We saw rocks withs wicks coming out of them, an indian headdress, full-lenght mink coats and a diamond bra. Then all of a sudden we are disturbed by this dreadful sound of somebody singing. We finally found the source. A couple was performing their children's show singing educational songs. The kids really seemed to enjoy them and I'm sure kindergarten teachers would like it to (right Bekah?) but to the rest of us it was just plan irritating. But we continued on....with mom reminding me "don't go outside the plan" and skip a booth or jump to the interior.

Mom and I ended up getting a couple of gifts and had a great time. We might have started a yearly holiday tradition. I would recommend testing out a Holiday Market if you ever get the chance.

Oklahoma now leads 52-7.

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Amy and Jerry said...

Glad you enjoyed it! Mom and I went last night to the "Ladies Night Out" which includes alcohol and some free pampering. Mom won a gift certificate which was great. Not too crowded then either. Was it crowded today?