Sunday, November 30, 2008

Country Fried Thanksgiving

Its a Adams family tradition to go to my Dad's Uncle Bob's house out in the country, or Winslow, Ark., for Thanksgiving. Uncle Bob is the best cook in the world and makes some of the best Thanksgiving food ever! He makes fried cornbread, mashed potatoes with homemade gravy and hickory nut pie! YUUMMM!!! That is just the beginning of our meal. We have between 30 and 40 people out every year for Thanksgiving. It's a great family tradition and I love Uncle Bob's every year!

Dad cutting Turkey #1 (we had 2 and a 12 lb pot roast, meatloaf and fried chicken)


My AMAZING Aunt Janie! Love you!!

View from Uncle Bob's house

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Anonymous said...

Good times! Mom was dressed for the occassion. That kitchen is stinking hot.