Thursday, January 22, 2009

My Professional Blog Post!

At a team meeting this week, our boss, Elise, wanted a "younger" person to write a post for our company's blog about the inauguration so I jumped at the chance and volunteered. After many, many drafts and many brainstorming sessions with others in my office I finally got a version approved. Go to our website to see my post. I was the first account coordinator to have a post on our company's blog. That thing took a lot of work :)


clarkfam said...

Hey Mer - I just found our blog and i was so fun to catch up with what all you have been up to. I am glad Life is going well and you are having fun too! We are really enjoying these boys and staying busy with all the things that entails! Best Wishes in 2009! Sarah

clarkfam said...

Obviously in a rush and meant "your blog" crazy typos - sorry!