Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I'm Moving!

It's official. I signed my vacancy notice last night and was told I have to by out by April 28th. So I'm moving. God was watching out for me and it's by His good grace I have a house to move to. Here is the story:

I actually started looking for places to rent in February and everything I could find was either too expensive or just plain sketch. I was getting pretty discouraged. Though through that process I found a new obsession: CraigsList. Really you should go explore it sometime. Anyway, A girl my mom works with was selling some bed room furniture for pretty cheap so my mom told me I should go look at it because she knew I was going to need another set for an extra room (assuming I found someplace to move into that had an extra room). She told me that the girl (Meredith - coincidence) was actually moving out of the house she was living in at the end of March and I should look at it. The house is owned by my mom's friend Laura - another coincidence. I told her i would look at it but I wasn't getting my hopes up. Well I went to look at the furniture and the house and loved both! And the best part: I could afford BOTH!

The house was built in the 1930's and one of the things I love most about it is that it reminds me a lot of the house my Meime lived in before she died. So much so that it even has a big magnolia tree in the yard just like her house did. I can still smell the fragrance of the magnolia flowers in her house.

The house is stone on the outside and has a front porch swing. It has two bedrooms with one bath, perfect for me. It is also set up off the road about 100 yards and no neighbors on either side for about 100 yards. The house has a fence around the entire property so I can get a dog I have been wanting. It has a lot of character and I can't wait to move it.

So since I have to be out of my apartment sooner than I thought, I will be moving the last Saturday in April which just happens to be my birthday too. Happy birthday to me right? Ha anyway....once I move in I will post pics of my cute little quaint home. Oh and PS if you want to help me move, I'm sure i can find something for you to do :)


Kendall Jones said...

Mere, that is so great! I'm really happy for you! You'll love having a house and "nesting". I can't wait to see pictures and VISIT you sometime!!! Yay!! Congrats:)

Amy and Jerry said...

Congrats! We can't wait to see your new home! Anniston had a blast with you when you came over. I just can't thank you enough. She was talking about you non-stop the next day. . . I think sweet cousin Meredith won her over!! Treyson jabbered alot. . . I'm sure it meant he was missing you too.

Anonymous said...

you have to post pictures!
Congratulations friend!