Thursday, September 3, 2009

I've Got a Sick Doggie on My Hands

So when I went to the pound and picked out the sweetest, most loveable dog I could find, I didn't know I was also picking out the dog who would win the prize for the most vet visits as well. I have had Tackle for 4 months and he has been to the vet 3 times so far. Who knew?!

Don't get me wrong, I love Tackle and I'm so glad I chose him but man does he have health problems. Luckily the problems aren't major, just skin related. Lets take a trip back through his vet visists.

Visit 1 - Tackles first trip to the vet was right after I got him. When I picked him up from the pound they told me that he had developed Kennel Cough, which is like a human cold. So they put him on antibotics and he was fine within a week. After that I wanted to take him to the vet to get a general check-up. We go to the Wedington Animal Hospital and they are all great there. The Vet said he looked healthy but just needed to gain some weight. Come to find out that wasn't a problem - he has gain 14 pounds since I brought him home.
Total Cost = $30

Visit 2 - In June Tackle started itching and scratchy a whole bunch so I wanted to make sure he didn't have fleas (yes I give him Frontline every month but I was paranoid). I took him in and come to find out he has bad allergies just like his mama. The Vet said he would get them probably twice a year. She gave him a steroid shot and a dip to relieve the itchy immediatley and he was better.
Total Cost = $90

Visit 3 - On day when I was playing with Tackle I noticed on his chest that his skin was peeling. I thought it was just dry skin. Within 3 days he was peeling more severely on his chest and now his back legs and he was starting to lose hair in various spots. Off to the vet again. This time she thought it was either a fungus or ringworm. Great! She ran a test and yes it came back positive for ringworm. She thinks he got it from layign in the dirt (and no it's not actually little worms in his skin). He got put on 2 antibiotics and a vitamin for his coat so his hair would grow back. I also got a special shampoo to kill the infected skins cells.
Total Cost = $145

Currently we are halfway through the ringworm mediciation and Tackle's coat is starting to look better. Good thing about all these vet visits is that Tackle never seems to be in any pain from his skin problems and he has become the "Vet's Pet" at the clinic. They all know him by name now and they all love to love on him. My vet knows me by name too. She thinks its funny that he has so many issues (only because the issues aren't serious of course). She has even quit charging me for certain tests because she does them so often on him.

Anyway, at this rate Tackle is going to make me go broke with each of his vet visits getting increasingly more expensive, but he's my buddy so of course his going to get the care. I'm such a sucker for dogs!

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