Monday, September 7, 2009

Weird Coincidence

On my way home from Little Rock this weekend I finished the book I was reading, To the Nines by Janet Evanovich. I love her books. They are a mystery series revolving around Stephanie Plum, a bond enformcement agent who has no clue what she is doing. Currenlty there are 15 in the series and each one is laugh-out-loud funny.
Well when I got home I decided to take a break from Stephanie Plum and I started The Next Big Thing by Johanna Edwards. It was a random $4 find from Hastings. It's about an overweight woman who is a contestant on a reality TV show. It is also funny so far.

Anyway, the coincidence came in chapter 5 of The Next Big Thing when I read this line:

The next question asked for my favorite book. I thought about this one for a minute. My real favorite book is To the Nines by Janet Evanovich, but I couldn't very well write that down.

How random is that? Out of all the books in the world it mentions the one I just finished. Ha!

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