Monday, August 9, 2010

Decoration - A Southern Tradition

For those of you who don't know, Decoration is a grand southern event in small, rural towns. I know this is a new concept for most so I wanted to enlighten everybody about this family tradition.

In Winslow, AR, Decoration happens at the Black Oak Church of Christ. Black Oak is a single-room church and has a cementary on the side. This cementary is where the Adams side of my family is buried. When Decoration rolls around - which is always in August and 495 degrees - all the families come for a pot luck lunch (outside) and then after, decorate the family graves with fake flowers galore - or even an arrangement with miniature doll heads (that deserves a blog post in itself - check back).

There are several tables lined up for all the food but you have to be careful when filling your plate. If you cross your family's table, you are lible to get slapped on the hand with a spatula by the matriarch of the other family. Food lines are NOT to be crossed. I challenge anybody to find better food than what you can find at Decoration. This is true country, home cooking and it's the best there is! Every year you will find fried chicken, fried okra, 14 different kinds of pies and dozens of casseroles you never quite know whats in them but they are delicious all the same.
Uncle Bob and other Adams family members

My grandparents' headstone. Love you MeMe and Papa!

The other Adams Family members

The Adams siblings - my Aunt Janie and Daddy
Now, you all know about Decoration and one of the Adams Family traditions. I love my country family!

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I love Decoration Days!