Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wedding Rant!

I have to take this time to vent just a bit. First we will have a pop quiz. There is only one question so no need to have a cram session.

1. What is Meredith's favorite color?

Answer: PUPRLE

Of course it is! All of you have known that about me for as long as you have known me. My favorite color has always been purple and most people would call it more of an obsession anyway. Come on people, I even have a bathroom that is purple!

Well it was a no brainer, and probably the easiest decision of the wedding, when I chose dark purple for my color (purple bridesmaids dresses, flowers, etc.) Another reason I love purple and chose it was because it was DIFFERENT and nobody else was using it.

WRONG! These days EVERYBODY is using purple. The more wedding blogs and photographer websites I look at, the more purple I see. So for my rant I would like all of you brides who don't really like the color and just using it because it is "in" these days, kindly pick another color. I don't want my guests hating it by the time next summer comes. Purple has always been my favorite and I have always known I was going to use it for my wedding so I call first dibbs.

Thanks and have a lovely day! (would you say this is the first signs of Bridezilla coming out?)

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