Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Start of a New Junior League Year

This year I am starting my first year in Junior League as an active member. Last year I was a new member. Not only am I starting my first active year but they also made me a New Member Trainer. This means that I will be a liason of sorts for a group of 13 women who are new memebers. This is the first year that a trainer has ever been a first-year active but they thought it would provide an interesting point of view.

We had our New Member retreat a couple of weekends ago. The new members got a chance to learn the history of Junior League, hear some officers speak and they got to actually work in the community. My group went to the Children's House in Fayetteville and made scrapbooks for the kids. That was right up my alley!
My group is the Purple Group (who would have ever thought I would have chosen purple?). We had to come up with a tablescapes theme for our group. If you dont' know what a tablescape is then you definitely don't watch enough of Sandra Lee and the Food Network. For my tablescape I chose Mardi Gras. We had beads and masks that I made

I was really nervous about being a new member trainer, but at the retreat all of those fears vanished. Being a New Member trainer is exactly like being a Gamma Chi at rush and that was one of my favorite things ever. I enjoy getting to know the girls, answering their questions and helping them learn the ways of Junior League. While getting to know my group I found out that one of my girls, Ellen, is a football coach's daughter just like me and her Dad and my dad play each other. Small world right?

We had a lot of fun at the retreat and I can't wait to get to know my group better and do more work in our community!

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