Monday, October 4, 2010

Sad, Sad Realization

I had a very sad realization this weekend. I realized my body is definitely NOT what it use to be.

This week Ryan and I are having our engagement pictures taken. Being the typical girl, I have been trying to pick out our outfits for the past few weeks. I finally decided what I was going to wear and when I tried them on, I was very disappointed. Out of nowhere, these pesky little rolls appeared on my mid section and they are quite disgusting. Now before you start rolling your eyes and yelling at me through the computer screen, no I do not think I am fat, I just think that I used to be more toned when I was a younger gal - but who doesn't right?

In a very depressed state, I drove myself to Dillards to buy the dreaded girdle type contraption that is suppose to fix all my chubby problems - I bought my first pair of Spanx. I have never been to the point that I felt I needed extra help but I gave in to the realization that my body is just not what it use to be.

I was very skeptical of this product, even thought they have gotten great reviews, I wasn't sure if they could live up to their standards. Well by gosh, I was proven wrong! Spanx might be the best purchase I have every made. These things flatten your tummy and slim down your waist like you couldn't believe. I looked like I had instantly loast 10 pounds! With one pair of spandex, boob-high, knee-length "Power Panties" my confiedence was restored and my saddness washed away.

So to you, Sara Blakely, fellow Tri Delta sister, I thank you for saving the day and inventing this glorious product. Thumbs up to you sista!

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