Wednesday, January 26, 2011

150(ish) Days and Counting

So it has been 50 days since my last wedding update. I am rockin and rolling on my wedding check list. I set a "Things to Get Done in January" list and I am happy to say that almost all of them have gotten accomplished.

So far this month we:
  • Picked out tuxes
  • Got a "get away" car from the reception - which is waaaay cool
  • ordered and received the invitations
  • met with florists and picked out all the flowers I want
  • decided on how the reception will be set up, how many tables and what color linens to use
  • got mom's Mother of the Bride dress - I actually saw it on the rack, loved it and so did she
  • blocked hotel rooms for our guests
  • got our engagement announcement in the local papers - thanks to everybody who has given us copies
  • approved Kelsey's design for the Save the Dates and they are in the mail as we speak
  • Starting getting quotes for rehearsal dinner sites and I think we have decided on one.

I have to say after Christmas I had a slight panic attack when I realized my wedding was in 6 months so I pushed it into high gear and started to get really organized.

I hope to get a lot more accomplished in February. I will keep you updated!

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