Monday, January 10, 2011

What a Saturday

I have never felt more like a married couple than I did on Saturday. Ryan and I spent the whole day checking off things on our list together. I must admit it was kind of fun being a married couple for the day.

First, the day started off with Collin, my MOH, meeting me at Rick's to help me pick out my wedding cake. Tasting wedding cakes at 9 a.m. is my idea of starting off a Saturday. After that I met up with Ryan and we went to Ashley Furniture to look for new bedroom furniture for my room and soon to be his room too. Surprisingly we found something we both loved and Ashley was having a great deal on fiancing so, now we have a new bedroom suite arriving in 2-3 weeks.

After finding the furniture we headed up to Rogers to meet Ryan's mom at Abuelos for lunch - one of our favorites. There we discussed options for the rehersal dinner. We narrowed our options down to 3 ideas and now we can research pricing for each. I was glad to get the ball rolling on that.

Once we finished our delicous lunch, we went next door and picked out tuxes for the wedding at Men's Warehouse. Ryan has been a groomsman or usher more times than I have been a bridesmaid and he used Men's Warehouse ever time so he knew he wanted to do that for his own wedding. We picked out a very lovely combo and Ryan's mom came up with the idea of a purple pocket square - I love it!

Next on the list for the day was going to Stevette's in downtown Rogers to see the dress Kathy found to wear for the wedding. Ryan and I both loved it. She will look gorgeous if she decids on that one.

After a quick stop at Sonic for Happy Hour and 2 larger Cherry Vanilla Diet Dr. Peppers we headed back to the house. Ryan worked on his truck and I took down all the Christmas lights from the house and then we moved all the other Christmas decor to the attic. As I was taking down the lights, an older lady in our neighborhood walked by and said "I just loved your Christmas decorations this year." That made my day!

That night, I cut Ryan's hair, we ate dinner and then laid on the couch and watched TV, feeling truely exhausted. It was a great Saturday for us and we go so much accomplished -especially for the wedding.

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