Monday, January 3, 2011

And So It Begins

The countdown to the wedding begins. I have six months to get in tip-top shape and look amazing for my future husband. This weekend I went to Walmart and Sam's club and stocked up on all things healthy and cleaned out all things not healthy from my house.

I am not one of those people that loves to work out. Infact, I pretty much despise it. I dread it all day. Yes, I still do it because I know I need to but that doesn't mean I like it. Over the holidays I gave myself a break from working out knowing, come January, I would be motivated again.

I have set up a plan for myself. My dad is going to be my personal trainer 2 days a week and I am going to do my Body Flow class 2 days a week. Plus, I am actually going to consider the food I put into my body. I will eat smaller portions and healthy options. I am scared most of what my dad is going to put me though. He is a football coach you know.

I considered putting my start stats on here (weight, waist, hips, etc) but then chickened out. I am bigger than I have ever been so I think I will just let you guess. I will however give monthly updates on how much I have lost. And before I get yelled out, no I do not think I am fat. I just think I could tone up and get back down to the weight I use to be.

Now as I start my sixth month journey to gorgeousness, everybody wish me luck. Oh I apologize now for any future bitchiness that you might receive for me. I tend to get cranky when I am hungry :)

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