Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Wedding Nightmare #1

Recently I have been having more and more wedding nightmares. Some have consisted of me not having time to put my make-up on before walking down the aisle, putting on my dress and hating it and forgetting to book a photographer for the wedding.

I had one a couple of nights ago and it got me thinking, they are all pretty humorus so I should start recording them. So the most recent nightmare was about my floral centerpieces. I had a meeting with my florist last week and we have been tweaking the contract and concepts to fit the budget so it has been stressing me out a little.

That night I dreamt I walked into the church and the reception following and all the centerpieces looked almost exactly like this - rocks and bamboo.

If you know me at all, you know this is definitely NOT my style. My friend Kelsey can pull off this sheek, modern look but I most certainly cannot. I am way more traditional with lots of flowers and pretty colors. In my dream I was devestated because I thought that this is all my budget would allow so I had to go with it.

I woke up thinking, where in the world did bamboo come from?

Stay tuned for more wedding nightmares.

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