Friday, February 18, 2011

Wedding Nightmare #2 and Valentine's Day

Last night I had wedding nightmare #2. I was walking into my reception and all I could see was yellow, orange, brown and PUPMPKINS. There were pumpkins everywhere! I'm not having a fall wedding. Probably my 2 least favorite colors are yellow and orange. I then walked over to look at my cake and it was melting and not only was it melting but it didn't have the cake topper on it (which I have been working for the past few days) and it was CHOCOLATE. Everybody knows I am a vanilla cake kind of girl.

I mean seriously, where do these things come from?

On a different note, Ryan and I had a great Valentine's Day. We had dinner at Doe's (thanks Mom and Dad for the gift certificate) and then we tried the self-serve yogart place on Dickson Street for the first time. I got Ryan this super duper fancy kitchen knife that he has been wanting and I got this...

I have been wanting an amethyst ring (duh my favorite color is purple) and Ryan found this set. It is gorgeous and I love it!

Hope everybody else had a great Valentine's Day!

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