Sunday, March 13, 2011

Express Delivery

I must have some sort of ESP. For some reason on Thursday night last week I felt like I needed to put together the "birth day" gift for Carma and Tim for when baby Whitt was born. I knew he wasn't due until April 8 but I just had a feeling. I was sooooo right. Whitt came 3.5 weeks early and was born on March 11 in the afternoon and weighed 5 pounds and 11 ounces.

The Meitzens were on my previous post and list of families to pray for for a healthy delivery. Everything went well and mommy and baby are doing great.
Baby Whitt came so quickly that neither Carma or Tim's parents were able to get to Fayetteville soon enough so these pictures are some of the very first ones of Whitt. When we arrived at the hospital, Carma was analyzing her new baby boy. It was so sweet to see her take him all in. We are all so happy that everybody is healthy and I am so excited to get to get to babysit this little man.

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