Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Babies, Babies, Babies

Am I am crazy or did EVERYBODY get baby fever all of a sudden?? It might just be the stage of life I am in but I mean I feel like we are in another baby boom. I love it and I love babies - but none for me anytime soon!!

I have 2 cousins on different sides of my family who are pregnant.Whitney and Jared live in Knoxville and are due in August. I was with Whitney for almost a week over Christmas break and never knew it. They didn't have their doctor's appointment confirming it until a week later so they called us over New Year's to let us know the good news. This is Whitney and Jared's first and the first grandbaby for this side of our family. Whitney will be handing out programs at my wedding so you will get an upclose and personal view of her belly :)

Nathan and Sarah are expecting their second due in October! They have this handsome little man Hudson and his gender was a suprise until the day he was born. I asked Sarah if they were going to find out the sex of this baby and she said YES! The Harrimans live in Fayetteville so I am excited I get to see this baby grow too.

One of my good friends Jeni and her hubby Sam are due in August. Jeni called me the day after I heard about my cousin Whitney. Jeni is a bridesmaid in my wedding so she is going to be good and big come July. When she called me she said "Don't worry Meredith, when I ordered my bridesmaids dress I thought I was pregnant so I ordered it way too big" She is so cute and I can only imagine the cutest pregnant lady ever!

Ryan and I have 2 good couple friends who are both due in April - Tim and Carma Meitzen and Stephen and Kristin Butler. Tim and Ryan work together so it is really funny hearing the pregnancy stories from Tim's side. Stephen was the guy who picked up my engagement ring in Searcy and delivered it to Ryan. The bad thing is that Carma and Kristin have different doctors at different hospitals so they better not go into labor on the same day - that could be tricky for visitation. They are both having boys so I am sure they will grow up to be little buddies - Whitt Meitzen and Eli Butler.

Not only do I have several family members and friends pregnant, I also know of FOUR, yes FOUR, girls I graduated high school with who are all due in July and another who just delivered a baby girl in February! Whatever was in the water in November was caught by the FHS class of '03.

Now this one makes me feel old and behind the times. Two of the girls who were in my Gamma Chi group during rush of 2006 are now pregnant. They are 3 years younger than me!

I guess I have moved out of the wedding gift stage and into the baby gift department. Too bad there isn't a Bed Bath and Beyond for Babies!

I only wonder now who will be next. I have my guesses but I will keep them to myself for now. I ask that you pray for all of these couples and their precious bundles of joy as they grow. Pray for health and for uneventful deliveries. I love you all and can't wait to meet your new additions!

Oh and by the way - any of you preggos who are having a girl - I give you full permission to name her Meredith.

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Kendall Jones said...

Funny! And I feel the same way, something is in the water! It's all around us. No worries, pal, I will not be announcing news any time soon! :)